Located directly 420km from the City of Perth is the town of Albany.

It is a popular tourist destination for locals of Western Australia, but can be for anyone.


Getting to Albany isn’t too much of a hassle. You have two options:

• Drive

• Fly


screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-22-00-amDriving from Perth to Albany takes approximately 4 hours via the Albany Highway.





Your other options is to travel by airplane. Regional Express provide services direct to Albany from Perth.

The planes that Regional Express uses across Australia.

A one way trip for one adult costs around $130.


Accommodation is a fundamental part of any trip. Unless of course you have friends that are letting you stay with them there, you’re gonna need a hotel.

The Country Comfort Amity Motel is a well rated place to stay in Albany. Its located just 1.5km from the city centre and at just $99 a night, provides free wi-fi and an outdoor pool.

The outdoor pool at the Country Comfort Amity Motel.
The outdoor pool at the Country Comfort Amity Motel.

Thats only one of the many good places to stay, which can all be found here.


Albany is known for having many natural attractions and one of them is Little Beach. Recently named one of the top beaches in Australia, Little Beach is located just 15km east of Albany (28km if you drive). The beach has many great views, blue water and luscious sand.

View of Little Beach
View of Little Beach

Another great natural attraction is the natural bridge located just 10km south of Albany in Torndirrup National Park. Its a very exciting sight to see, and again, is 100% natural.

Another great attraction that is highly recommended is Phillips Brook Winery, Art and Cafe. Located just north of Albany, Phillips Brook which was founded in 1975 boasts some of the oldest vines in the region. Their wines have been credited with awards and accolades from their old vines grown in a cool climate. They also provide cafe and arts.

To get there you can follow the Albany Highway north out of Albany and turn off Redmond-Hay river road, facing west. It will be on your right-hand (northern) side as you drive down Redmond-Hay River Road.

More information on the Phillips Brook winery can be found here.

Photo credit to Albrecht Ch.
Photo credit to Albrecht Ch.












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